Workshops and Camps

Apart from her professional show performances, she shares her professional talent through workshops or Camps in schools, sports clubs and fitness studios and through supporting social projects all over the globe.

During her Rope Skipping career she organised more than 30 workshops and camps, for example in Europe, Africa or Asia.

Certified as a rope skipping coach she educated the newcomer Trainers and trains the elite skippers in her state in Germany.

Also she spent 6 Month volunteering in Africa. In this time she supported coaches with her knowledge and her experience in the sport. She gave workshops and was doing show demonstration to raise money for their rope skipping teams.

Personal coaching

Your gaols are:
- to learn how to do jump rope professionally?
- Improve your technique? - double under, triple under (eg CrossFit)
- to become a Jump Rope champ?
- to loose weight, gain stamina or challenge your Coordination?

If you want to have Rope Skipping training more specific for your own needs, personal coaching is the best option to achieve your goals faster. Whatever your personal goals are, with her certified knowledge and emphatic nature Mira will support you best on your way!