Workshops & Training-Camps

Workshops for school classes, fitness studios, social projects or team events in companies  – there’s something for everyone with Mira’s group coachings.

Apart from her professional show performances, she shares her professional talent through workshops or Camps in schools, sports clubs, fitness studios, companies and through supporting social projects all over the globe.

During her Rope Skipping career she has organised more than 30 workshops and camps in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Rope skipping workshops are fun, energizing and have a strong team-building character. With her engaging personality, Mira motivates and teaches in a way, that everyone participating feels confident and learns something new.

She spent 6 Month volunteering in Africa. In this time she supported coaches with her knowledge and her experience in the sport. She gave workshops and was doing show demonstrations to raise money for their rope skipping teams.

To find out how you could best work with Mira, send her a quick message:

Personal Training

You have always wanted to professionally learn how to rope skip from a real pro? Then a personal training session with Mira is exactly what you need! Find out more!

Your goals are:

  • to learn how to do jump rope professionally?
  • Improve your technique? – double under, triple under (e. g. CrossFit)
  • to become a Jump Rope champ?
  • to lose weight, gain stamina or challenge your coordination?

If you want to have exactly the Rope Skipping training that’s right for you and tailor fit to your needs, then personal coaching is your best option. Whatever your personal goals are, with her certified knowledge and empathic nature Mira will support you in the best possible way!

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